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Detailed directions near Lake Villa Kawaguchiko

  • Kawaguchiko Ohashi Bridge is a guide to Lake Villa from the place where you have crossed the Kawaguchiko Ohashi Bridge.
    Please refer to the explanation below.

pattern 1

  • [1-1]

    Kawaguchiko Ohashi Bridge crossing the Kawaguchiko Ohashi Bridge and going straight past the first traffic light, you will see a road that branches to the left.
    Follow the road on the left "toward Lake Saiko".(Toward the red arrow)

    *Please note that if you go to the tunnel, you will go to Misaka / Kofu.
  • [1-2]

    Follow the road for a while.
  • [1-3]

    Go straight on at the traffic lights.
  • [5-1]

    There is a green signboard for the rental villa Lake Villa the parking lot of a restaurant called "Momiji Tei", which is about 100 meters straight from the monkey signboard.
    Please turn right there.
  • [5-2]

    Green signboard of "Rental villa Lake Villa Kawaguchiko"
  • [6]

    Continue straight ahead.Arriving at Lake Villa Kawaguchiko

    Welcome to Lake Villa Kawaguchiko!
    Please relax and relax.