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Equipment / rental

Indoor equipment

Available at each cottage.Please feel free to use it.

Air conditioningFloor heating(all rooms)/Air conditioner(all rooms)*2LDK-3 units, 3LDK-2 units
FF type oil fan heater(2LDK),Funcon vector(3LDK)
Home appliancesTV set/refrigerator/microwave/Rice cooker/Toaster oven/coffee maker/Gas range/Electric pot/Hairdryer/Blu-ray / DVD player/Photocatalytic sterilization deodorizer/Air cleaner/Vacuum cleaner
Tablewareplatter/Medium plate/Small plate/Rice bowl/Bowl/Bowl/Teacup/teapot/glass(2 types)/Coffee cup/fork/spoon/Disposable chopsticks
kitchenwareKitchen knife / cutting board / ball (large / medium / small) / zaru (large / small) / pot (large / medium / small) / frying pan (2 types) / chopsticks / kettle / grated / wine opener / bottle opener / peeler / Coffee maker / Slicer / Cooking tongue / Otama / Saran wrap / Aluminum foil / Paper filter for coffee / Garbage bag / Dishwashing detergent / Sponge
seasoningSeasoning (salt / pepper / sugar / soy sauce / oil / shichimi pepper) Each small amount
Amenitiestoothbrush/Face towel/bath towel/Body soap/Rinse in shampoo/paper cup/Hand paper towel/Tissue paper/Disposable slippers

Paid rental equipment

If you want to use it, please let us know at check-in.

BBQ set[1 set]8 people
[Fare]\ 3,500 <*For 2 people, we will offer it for ¥ 2,500.>
[Contents]Iron plate/Ami/Charcoal 3kg / stove/table/chair/Ignition agent/Gunte/Garbage bags

*The above rental barbecue set does not include ingredients.Please prepare the ingredients yourself.
*Please note that barbecue is prohibited from December to February.
*Please refrain from bringing in barbecue equipment.Please use the rental barbecue set.
*If you have a barbecue every day for consecutive nights, the next day's price is half price of \ 1,750.
Cassette stove(With gas cylinder)[Fare]\ 550/1 unit
Earthenware pot(30 cm)[Fare]\ 550/1 unit
Sukiyaki pot(28cm)[Fare]\ 550/1 unit
bath towel(Additions)[Fare]\ 200/1 sheet
Yukata(Large and small)[Fare]\ 200/1 sheet
  • Please understand that we will refrain from renting free rental cards, UNO, shogi, hanafuda, and mahjong sets for the time being as part of infection prevention.
  • BBQ space

    You can enjoy barbecue even on rainy days in the barbecue space of each cottage.
    (Barbecue is prohibited from December to February.)