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User guide

Request to customers

  • ●Check-in is from 3pm to 10pm.Please be sure to contact us for check-in after 6pm.
    Check-out is until 10am.Check-out cannot be extended.

    ●We accept cash, various credit cards, e-commerce, and bar code payments.

    ●Use of the facility is not permitted for non-guests (including day trippers).

    ●Please refrain from bringing pets.

    ●Please be sure to contact the management office before check-out if the equipment, tableware, cooking utensils, etc. in the room are damaged, or if the futon, sheets, tatami mats, etc. are soiled.We may charge a compensation fee.

    ●Garbage will be processed at this facility, but please cooperate in separating the garbage.

    ●Pajamas etc. are not available.Please bring your own.

    ●Do not use hot plates or other items that emit smoke indoors.

    ●All rooms are non-smoking.Please smoke on the terrace.

    ●Please refrain from using interior decorations, party sprays, etc.

    ●Use of radio cassette recorders, speakers, musical instruments, etc. that produce sound is prohibited in the barbecue space and outdoors.

    ●Bonfires and fireworks are prohibited. (Shore of Lake Kawaguchi including our facility,And surroundings)

    ●Please refrain from playing catch balls, badminton, etc. on the premises and in the parking lot.

About barbecue

  • ※※Please understand that barbecue is prohibited from December to February.※※

    ●Please barbecue in the private space in front of the room.

    ●Please refrain from bringing in barbecue equipment (including Dutch oven, smoker, and shichirin).Please use the paid rental set.

    ●The set contents of the paid rental equipment are BBQ stove, charcoal (3 kg), fire chopsticks, net, iron plate, tongs, table, chair, ignition agent, lighter, military hand, garbage bag.(Set 3500 yen including tax)

    ●We do not prepare any ingredients, so please prepare your own.(Paid rental barbecue equipment does not include ingredients.)

    ●BBQ is available from 15:00 to 21:00, but the final start time is 18:00, and we have you finish the BBQBBQ you are planning to have a BBQ, please come by 18:00.

About the large communal bath (open-air bath)

  • ※※Please understand that the large communal bath will be closed for the time being as part of strengthening infection prevention measures.※※

About fireworks

Fireworks in and around Shore of Lake Kawaguchi are prohibited in this facility.(From 2019, it has been banned under the guidance of the fire department.)

  • *Please be aware of the above prohibited items before using.
    *Please refrain from using this service for customers who cannot promise the above prohibited items.
    *We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.