~A panoramic view of Mt Fuji European-style rental villa / cottage at the foot of Mt Fuji Shore of Lake Kawaguchi of Lake Kawaguchi | Large communal bath with open-air bath | Ideal for BBQ~
*Please contact us by phone between 8:00 and 20:00.*
*The public bath is currently closed due to renovation work(Scheduled to reopen in late June)*

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Welcome to Lake Villa Kawaguchiko

A 2-minute walk to Mt Fuji Mt Fuji, in a completely NO-dense private space in nature and rural scenery,
Why don't you enjoy a safe and secure villa life that is more comfortable than camping and glamping!
The warm wood cottages are spacious and comfortable, making it easy for all generations to spend.
Not only self-catering and barbecue, but you can also soak in the open-air bath ...
It's also fun to have an outdoor experience together ... Stay like a living, worcation ...
Please spend as much as you want.

Nationwide travel support "Tabiwari" has been applied until June 30th.We only accept direct phone reservations.
*For details on the terms and conditions for using the travel discount, please refer to "National Travel Assistance (Travel Discount)" below.

plan where you can enjoy shabu-shabu from the famous local Japanese restaurant "Nipan" in the cottage,
BBQ with meat from the famous yakiniku restaurant "Himawaritei" is also popular!

*The public bath is currently closed due to renovation work.(Scheduled to reopen in late June)
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your kind support.*


  • Lake Villa de Meat Festival

    "Lake Villa de Meat Festival"plan you can eat yakiniku from "Himawaritei" at our facility's BBQ!
    The owner of Lake Kawaguchiko's famous yakiniku restaurant "Himawari-tei", which has been featured in gourmet programs, offers a wide variety of exquisite dishes at reasonable prices, mainly using Kuroge Wagyu beef carefully selected with passion!
    The meat will be ready in your room when you check in, so it's super easy!
    Enjoy your meal! *Does not include vegetables or seafood.

    *We accept orders up to 3 days before your stay.Limited to 5 groups per day, so book early!

  • Lake Villa de Exquisite shabu-shabu pot

    A limited-edition collaboration project with the famous local Japanese restaurant "Nipan"!
    This is a plan where you can enjoy the famous shabu-shabu of "Nipan" in your room.

    The shabu-shabu, which is rare to see in the market, is a truly delicious and exquisite shabu-shabu dish made with 'Kai Amami Pork' and 'Koshu Wine Beef' served in a Japanese-style broth full of umami.
    In addition to the seasonal sake appetizers, we also prepared Yoshida udon noodles with a dashi stock containing the umami of meat.
    *We accept orders up to 3 days before the date of stay.

    It is a collaboration project only for a period, so please see the details for details.

  • 【Important】Notice about the public bath

    We will be closed for the time being due to renovation work.(Scheduled to reopen in late June)

⭐ Recommended plan information ⭐

  • With transfer! Popular cave exploration tour【Lake Villa de Cave Exploration Tour】

    A collaboration project between Lake Villa Kawaguchiko and a popular local adventure guide!

    At the foot of Mt Fuji, a dark cave made of lava that is not open to the public, with a local professional guide who has obtained special infiltration permission, uses the five senses to push through with the help of headlights, a premium that can not be experienced on other tours Adventure tour.
    Full of highlights such as beautiful virgin forest and lava caves so that there is perennial ice!
    We will guide you to the "mysterious world" that you have never experienced.
    Even children (6 years old and above) can participate safely and securely!

    Please check the details etc.

About National Travel Support (Travel Discount)

  • Extended until June 30th! If you would like a discount, please call the facility directly!

    Lake Villa Kawaguchiko participates in the national travel support project and is a target facility for national travel support.

    Customers who make reservations directly by phone or on Official website will receive a discount if the following conditions are met.
    ①Customers who contact us by phone to request a discount after making a reservation by phone or through Official website.
    *If you do not contact us in advance, it will not apply, so please understand that.
    ②Presentation of public identification cards for all participants
    ②Customers staying until June 30th.
    *Consecutive stays are applicable up to June 30th.
    *We will end the discount early when the budget is reached.

    *If you made a reservation from each reservation site, please contact the reservation site.

Kitchen car information

  • Breakfast specialty kitchen car with plenty of local vegetables"Rococo Truck』\

    Produced by Lake Villa Kawaguchiko!
    "Rococo ♡ Truck", a kitchen car specializing in breakfast that uses plenty of locally produced, locally consumed and nutritious local healthy vegetables, sells breakfast at our parking lot!

    【Business days in June】 
    2nd (Friday), 4th (Sunday), 5th (Monday), 6th (Tuesday), 10th (Saturday), 11th (Sunday), 15th (Thursday), 16th (Friday), 17th (Saturday), 18th (Sunday), 22nd (Thursday), 23rd (Friday), 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday), 26th(Monday)

    The menu changes with the seasons, depending on the seasonal vegetables.
    Check out Rococo's Instagram for more details!
  • Mobile sales of pizza baked in a wood-fired kiln"Pizza Caporina』\

    "Pizza Capolina", a mobile sale of authentic pizza baked in a superb wood-fired kiln, is on sale at our parking lot!

    【Business day 】 June 16th(Thursday)
    【Opening Hours]From 11:00 to 16:00

    *Business days are subject to change, so please check the Carpolina website or SNS.

Reservation / Inquiry

*We do not accept reservations by email.


Reception time:From 8:00 to 20:00